• Steven Franks posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @daryl-bancroft Hi Daniel, would you like to send me your introduction piece so I know what you do, why you it, who you are looking to connect to. Your profile has nothing there to look at. Thank You Steven

    • Hi Steven, Sorry I thought I had done my profile all done now.
      I am looking for Pool technicians/ Pool shops pool builders , Resort & complex facilities managers for all the pool lighting solutions we specialise in.
      What referral partners can I pass on to you & look out for?

      Regards Daryl.

      • Hi Daryl

        Thank you for letting me know who you are looking to connect to. I know an facilities manager in Sydney I could connect you to if that works.
        I am looking for bookkeepers, business coaches, marketing, web developers and graphic design as referral partners and work with health, wellness and disability (NDIS) and services businesses.

        Regards Steven

        • Hi Steven
          I can send you my bookkeepers details & have you connected with Brad Jones he is in BX as a business coach
          Have a wonderful Easter & yes the facilities manager will be good for me to connect with.

          Thank you

          • Hi Daryl

            Thank you. I will make the connection to the Facility Manager this week.
            Regards Steven

          • Hi Daryl. Hope you are well. How did you go with the facility manager I introduced you to?
            Let me know if there are other business owners who could be a good contact for you.

            Also, you mentioned a connection to a bookkeeper. An intro to Brad Jones would be good. Thank you. Regards Steven

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