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Sandra Bartlett

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Sandra Bartlett


Your Cool Confidence Coach

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I felt unheard, invisible and forgotten for the majority of my childhood and this continued to play out in my adult life.
Through coaching I now acknowledges that these emotions held me back from being the best I could be and having the life I desired. 
Today I am charismatic, engaging and I am obsessed with supporting others to shine brightly and be their very best in their chosen life domain. 
I truly believes we all want to be happy, confident and live a full life – however so few of us know how.
I have been supporting young leaders, business owners and individual for the past 5 years to be fabulous, to stand tall and to embrace and honour themselves. 
Bringing new insights and ideas through my “Your Cool Confidence” program. I challenge your thinking, support your growth and create dramatic shifts for my clients. I truly believe behind every door there is a new learning for us to embrace – my program has you opening doors you never even knew existed.
A mother to four boys, a partner and a grandmother of three, I have the ability to often see what others do not. I have a straight forward approach and advocacy has earnt me the respect of many individuals and business leaders in our community.
I have recenty been awarded the Outstanding Sole Trader for 2018.                      My greatest accomplishment for 2018 is the recently released edition of my book Your Cool Confidence – The 5C’s to Embracing Your Smile.
Sandra’s favourite saying is – Your Smile…Your Responsibility – Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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Campbelltown, Sydney

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I ride a cruiser motorcycle – 950 V Star

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Stairway 2 Dreams

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Coaching – Business Coaching

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10 Lorenzo Crescent

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0417 641 665

About My Business

Stairway 2 Dreams is a dynamic professional coaching practise assisting indivduals and business owners to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Our focus is for you to make change within yourself, removing self doubt and releasing you from a ‘survivor’ mindset.

The Cool Confidence program focuses on the 5 key behaviours that influence you in day to day life, analysing how your skills, attitudes and behavioural traits respond in certain situations.

Together we will explore your ability to be courageous, to commit, to be compassionate towards yourself and to communicate with clarity and this will see you demonstrating the competency required to access and maintain Your Cool Confdence



My Main Services Are

Personal Coaching

Business Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Team Coaching

What Makes My Business Unique (My P.O.D.)

I have been where you are right now.

My ability to see what you do not, my advocacy and my passion.


My Special Offer to BxNetworking Members

Any 6 month package that is purchased and paid for up front will receive a 5% discount.

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Certificate IV in Business

Diploma of Finance

Diploma of Frontline Management

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP)

Extended DISC Profiler

My Passions

My passion is to help other business owners to create a life on their terms.

I do this by using trusted coaching methods that encourage out of the box thinking, risk taking and celebration.

I believe that we all have “The Power To Make Change” and the ability to “Shine”.

My Interests

Four Wheel Driving


Motorbike Riding

Spending time with family and friends over good food and wine.

How I can Help Out Other Members

I am a great listener and can often see what you may not be able to see due to the fact that you may be too close to the situation or emotionally involved.

Why I love BxNetworking

BxNetworking is a place where I have the support and encouragement to grow myself and my business whilst doing what I love most and that is helping others to reach their true potential.

BxNetworking is an environment that encourages business owners to step up and own our place in business. The members are a great sounding board for ideas and offer a wealth of knowledge.

My Ideal Referral

I am keen to support a business owner who misses family functions or is heard to be saying “I don’t have time”.

This is often a silent cry for help. A business owner in this mindset often suffers from stress, overwhelm and this will result in poor communication, decrease in productivity and burn out.

Motivation, focus and commitment can be restored quickly with strategic support and guidance.