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Matt Alderton


CEO & Founder of Bx & Alderton Enterprises | Business Growth Expert | Professional Speaker | Author | Trainer

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CEO & Founder of Bx & Alderton Enterprises



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I am the Owner and Managing Director of Alderton Enterprises, the Founder of Integrated Workforce Solutions, Founder and Managing Director of Orderfast, The Movie Crew, Bx and BxNetworking and the owner of multiple retail and hospitality businesses, as well being a # 1 best-selling author, Professional Speaker, Coach & small business expert. I was named Business Person of the Year in 2015, NSW Business Leader in 2016, and Finalist Australian Business Entrepreneur. Alderton Enterprises was awarded the Australian Business of the Year in 2016 and 2017 for Business Services.


With an extensive career in retail, management & leadership, my passion is and has always been developing and leading people to achieve their best. As a certified member of the esteemed John Maxwell Leadership team, I continue to serve and develop people with a vision of helping people achieve their goals in life.Through my business ventures, I have lead teams in excess of 150 amazing people, I continue to invest in training and development and the businesses within Alderton Enterprises continue to be recognised within their industries for amazing results in the areas of customer service, retail excellence, marketing & promotions and business excellence.At the helm of Alderton Enterprises, I continue to grow the enterprise and is currently expanding in a number of internet related opportunities, the expansion of IWS as Australia’s fastest growing rostering & payroll service provider and the continuing commitment to providing leadership training, coaching, workshops and keynote speaking. My latest venture, Bx, is the premier provider of training and education to small business in Australia and has worked with business experts such as John McGrath, Mark Bouris and Naomi Simpson. Bx and BxNetworking are on track to have the largest community of entrepreneurs in Australia.

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Campbelltown, Sydney, Chatswood, Sydney, Cronulla, Sydney, Deakin, Canberra, Hawkesbury, Sydney, Oran Park, Sydney, Penrith, Sydney, St George, Sydney, Sutherland, Sydney, Sydney CBD, Sydney

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My favourite movies are Titanic and Crash.

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Coaching – Business Coaching

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PO BOX 321

Mortdale NSW 2223

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Bx is Australia’s Premier Provider of Training & DevelopmentAligning business owners and the career focused with industry experts & world class education Growing Business for LifeBxponential Event:Australia’s Premier Business EventConnecting business owners with industry xperts, world-class speakers & highly successful Australian business iconsBusiness for Life Program:Australia’s Premier Business Education ProgramA twelve-month business education program, focussed on building business growth and success, while helping business owners achieve their purpose in life. Helping business owners achieve business success, financial freedom, and lifestyle.

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BxNetworking is Australia’s Premier Business Network with groups all across NSW & the ACT (national rollout to be announced soon).

OrderFast is an amazing app-based ordering system designed for small business. OrderFast allows you to place all your stock orders straight from your smartphone, iPhone or iPad at the click of a button.OrderFast was developed for small business, by small business. We understand that cashflow is king and our app puts this front and centre. OrderFast is free for small businesses and always will be.With its predictive order modelling, OrderFast helps you make stock level decisions for every item for every order, reducing stock-on-hand levels, reducing your weekly and monthly bills and freeing up your cashflow.

Alderton Enterprises was founded in 2008 as a Management Company to continue to run and expand the growing number of stores within the Alderton Group. From one store in 2006 to eight stores and the very successful Integrated Workforce Solutions all owned and managed within Alderton Enterprises all by the end of 2011. The next couple of years have focused on consolidation and development of resources and expansion into several other online projects all currently in development.

Founder of Integrated Workforce Solutions, Matt Alderton recognised a niche in the rostering & payroll market. Identifying the need for an intelligent rostering system, coupled with and linked with a back-end solution for payroll, Matt developed a unique rostering & payroll solution. From 2006 to 2014, IWS has become the fastest growing and most successful rostering & payroll service provider in Australia. Clients include very successful Australian business, such as Nike Australia, Zambrero’s, Subway Restaurants, Telstra Shops and The Athlete’s Foot. Today IWS operates in all states across Australia and is led by Rob Dryden, CEO and Partner.





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