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Louise Hallinan


Louise Hallinan


Louise Hallinan

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Louise Hallinan


Founder of Smart Brain Health Centre, International Award-winning Author & Natural Medicine Practitioner

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Founder, International Award-winning Author & Natural Medicine Practitioner



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I am the International Award-winning Author of the book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”, a fully qualified & accredited Natural Medicine Practitioner & have been working in the health industry for 15 years. I have been awarded “Highly Commended for Practitioner of the Year” in the ATMS and Nature & Health Awards 2016, as recognition of my work by the Natural Health Industry.

My mother, Alice, suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. The personal experience has given me a deep understanding of the devastation caused by this disease. I was told by doctors at that time it was hereditary and that I may have a good chance of getting it myself. Spurred on by this shock, I researched everything I could about Alzheimer’s disease to find what can be done to possibly avoid or prevent this from happening to me. I co-wrote a research paper in 2003, “Alzheimer’s Disease: A homeopathic look at Treatment and Prevention”, a copy of which is in the Dementia Australia Library in Sydney.

I have been researching memory problems and their causes over the past decade, to find the answers so many are looking for. All this information has been backed up by medical and scientific research studies and put together in my first book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”

“Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” has recently won the Silver Medal in the ‘Living Now’ Book Awards (USA) Health/Wellness category.  It has also been selected by as one of the ‘Best Books of the Month’.

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My ideal referral partners would be a Neurologist, Lawyer, Accountant, Psychologist or Chiropractor.

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Crows Nest, Sydney, Sydney Hills, Sydney

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I personally met Bette Davis – Hollywood Movie Star

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Smart Brain Health Centre

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Health – Health Consultatnt, Health – Natural Therapies, Health – Nutrition Consultant, Health – Nutritional Products, Health – Well-being & Health Coach

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Suite 109, Zhen Building,

33 Lexington Drive,


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The Smart Brain Health Centre specialises in the prevention and treatment of memory problems and improving brain health.    I work with Baby Boomers and Generation X  to help them to avoid the risk of dementia.   If you are:  

  • struggling with poor memory, foggy thinking, lack of focus and concentration; 
  • concerned about your memory due to a family history of Dementia; 
  •  affected by Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression;
  • would like to be proactive and improve your memory and retain more information;   

the Smart Brain Health Centre can help you.

I have developed a unique comprehensive 5 Step PREVENTION Program to help you identify the cause of your memory problem and provide a Treatment Solution specifically for you.

What Makes My Business Unique (My P.O.D.)

The Smart Brain Health Centre is the only Health Centre in Sydney specialising in the Prevention and Treatment of Memory Problems and Improving Brain Health.  We identify the cause in order to treat, prevent and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease / Dementia.

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