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Kyle Spyrides




Helping people forget where the camera is so they can be themselves for a split second as I capture their true essence

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East Fremantle

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I am a Perth based photographer specialising in corporate portraiture, event and business photography. Capturing moments has been apart of my life since I was 19 and I have immersed myself in the art and discovery of photography ever since. As I have grown older, my approach to photography has evolved. Along with the development of my skills I have become highly confident in my ability to capture the decisive moment and tell a story. In this evolution I have found that my greatest strength is building a strong relationship in a short time with my clients which allows me to draw out photographs that best represent their business and themselves.My enthusiasm to produce the highest quality images along with my dedication to get the hero shots that drift by as moments in time, is the recipe to my success. 

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6 (142) 364-0315



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Web developers, Copy-writers, Retirement Villages, Graphic Designers, Videographers

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Wollongong, South Coast

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Soul Gazing Photography

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1 (370) 562-2317


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Soul Gazing Photography is a business that focusses on visual storytelling who consider your journey. Further than that I care about capturing your vision and the essence of what you are trying to convey. I am driven to create the media that connects you to your target audience. I aim to represent you and what you stand for in the best light possible. My business came about as a natural development from my deep interest in powerful imagery. My ambition is to move people with my photography by creating photographs that would draw you in and peak your interest as you peel back the layers behind that moment in time. Visual interpretation has the ability to change moods, evoke emotion and call for action like nothing else.

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Photography, Videography, Video-editing, Photo-shop, Testimonial Videos

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