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Ben Mackie


Ben Mackie


Ben Mackie


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For any business in the 21st Century, having a powerful online presence is crucial to long-term success. Without it- you get left behind, buried in the back pages of search engines and invisible to your target audience…How long can your business survive, then?I create online content for clients across a range of platforms that: 1. Puts their business name in the spotlight, 2. Establishes an ongoing dialogue with their audience and 3. Most importantly- persuades them to take action (be that to enquire, subscribe, order, register, schedule or buy)By regularly communicating with your audience (be it online browsers or people in your database), they get to know your business better, to see that you’re “the real deal”- and that you’re worth buying from. Trust is the “it” factor that transforms your leads into sales.Better still- I can take care of this for you on autopilot- leaving you to spend your valuable time doing what it is you do best!Get your complimentary 30 minute consultation with me today and I’ll identify the online content strategy you need. Writing effective copy takes time, even for me, so this offer is limited by availability. You can contact me at:, or alternatively visit the website at 

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Who I'm looking to connect with - my ideal referral partner

Ideally I’m looking to connect with the following:

– Social media people

– Web designers

– People in business coaching/ mentoring


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